Project Management and Collaborations

We specialize in managing and coordinating projects focused on art, design, and technology, ensuring their successful implementation and impactful outcomes. Through our extensive network and collaborative approach, we facilitate partnerships and collaborations at national and international levels, fostering innovation and cross-cultural exchange.


Digital Transformation and Innovation

Leveraging the power of technology, we support digital transformation initiatives within the creative industries, helping organizations adapt and thrive in the digital age. Our innovative projects harness cutting-edge tools and platforms to enhance creativity, efficiency, and audience engagement, driving growth and innovation in the sector.


Event and Festival Organisations

We specialize in organizing events and festivals that celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of the cultural and creative sectors. From exhibitions and performances to conferences and workshops, we curate engaging experiences that bring together industry professionals, artists, and audiences, fostering collaboration and inspiration.


Creative Economy Research and Studies

We conduct comprehensive research and analysis to assess the potential and trends of the creative economy, offering valuable insights to industry stakeholders. Our reports and studies help inform decision-making, policy development, and investment strategies, contributing to the sustainable growth of the cultural and creative industries


Strategic Consultancy and Support

Our team of experts provides strategic consultancy services tailored to the unique needs of cultural and creative institutions, universities, and technology organizations. We offer in-depth analysis, actionable insights, and practical recommendations to help our clients navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities in the creative economy.


Education and Career Development

Partnering with universities and educational institutions, we provide students with valuable career opportunities and practical training programs in the creative industries. Our workshops and seminars cover a range of topics, including art management, digital marketing, and brand development, equipping participants with essential skills for success.